Uğur Umay (also known as Digital Foxy) started his art career at a very young age thanks to his family’s artistic background. With the support of his musician father, he completed his musical education at Ankara (Turkey) on Drum, Percussion Instruments and Jazz Music.

In the field of visual arts, which he started at an early age in parallel with his musical life, he worked in charcoal painting, caricature, calligraphy, and typography and has won degrees in numerous competitions.

His photographic adventure began in 2005. And he has taken part in over 30 group exhibitions as well as solo exhibitions Digital Art works. His works in this field are included in the collections and archives of many art galleries across Europe and his interactive projects include examples of digital interpretations and the shaping of photography altogether.

Uğur has written articles on photography and travel for many magazines and is an artist who has come to the fore with his Panoramas. He took part in seminars and gave talks in many universities, associations and organizations. His deep interest in the digital aspect of photography led him to focus on GigaPixel, 360° Virtual Tour, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Metaverse works.

Transferring the experiences he gained through photography to cinematography, he has produced numerous promotional films, music clips and experimental films. He developed himself in the fields of interface design and coding and brought them together with visual art works.

He is the founder of C41 Production company which has offices in both Turkey and Germany. And continues to be a visual solution partner for many big-name brands and organisations in the fields of Photography, Film and Multimedia. He is a Sony Europe Imaging Ambassador and one of Turkey’s leading architectural-commercial photographer and advertising director.


“It was no accident that I met photography. It was a conscious choice. The adventure, which started with the analog machine I bought from an antique store, continues to increase innovatively today.

Having many artists in our family allowed me to proceed in a multi-disciplined way. Besides using photography as a means of stopping time, I see it as an art tool whose content can be changed and can be kneaded like dough. My interest in the world of information technology was the most important factor that developed my digital photography and art works. At the same time, there have been many movies, books, music albums that have helped me develop myself as a director.

I prefer to develop my digital art-works on social issues. I try to get a fine art look in my panorama photos. And I try to find a story in the portraits of people I took on the streets.
I am someone who is always curious about the next step.”

Uğur Umay, Antalya 2021

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TEGV Gallery, Antalya, TR
Antalya AKM, TR
Hera Gallery, Istanbul, TR
Antalya Chamber of Architects, TR
Ark Gallery, Antalya, TR


Contemporary Istanbul, TR
Kunstraum, Berlin, DE
Gladstone, Brussel, BE
500 Photographers, NL
König Gallery, Berlin, DE


Foton Photography Summit
Dokuz Eylül University
Izmir Economy University
Balıkesir University
Konya Selçuk University
Antalya Photography Club
Konya Photography Association
İzmir Photography Association
Mersin Photography Association
Ankara Photography Association
Eskişehir Photography Association
Adana Photography Association
Trabzon Photography Association
Pan Visual Culture Association
Antakya Film Festival
Aydın Photography Workshop
Malatya Photocamp
Sony Alpha Turkey Events